Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swan Lake Repeats 9/29

I did a tough WO at Rockefeller State Park in Sleepy Hollow, NY yesterday. Ran 10 miles around the park as a warm-up then proceeded to do .9 mile repeats (I measured it) around the longer sides of Swan Lake, rest was the short section of the lake.

10 mile warm-up
WO: 5*1450m repeats
Results: 4:45 (1:42), 4:51 (1:54), 4:47 (2:06), 4:50 (1:59), 4:45.
4 mile cool down (2 barefoot)
19 miles total

Overall very happy with effort and results. Beautiful, fun run. I fit it in between college fairs, mid-day before a night fair I had scheduled. Thus, no shower. I wonder if anyone noticed....

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