Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running more...

Still doing WASH Workouts:

July 24th: Bobsled Ten Miler Run in Amherst... SLOW, no use recording time (I had biked 86 miles the day before... the ride was great, run the next day = very bad. Effort there though).
July 30th: Cranberry Carver 5 Mile Race: 27:40... it had no hills in it, but instead of quitting (I felt AWFUL), I thought about Washington effort and ran a very fast and hard last mile... it's a stretch, but whatever. At this point I had only been running 20 mile weeks.
August 6th: H road tempo in Acton ME... very hilly road. 4.5 mile tempo, pushed the hills... my alignment felt... okay? Wwwhhat?
August 13th: Bridge of Flowers 10k: 35:26, good for 16th place. The hill at mile 3 I was probably in 24th place. I passed a big group right at the top. Good race. This week I hit 30 somthing miles!

Today: 5x 800 meter repeats on Amherst College trails with approx 1 minute break.
2:37, 2:33, 2:30, 2:26, 2:24.
This doesn't count as this week's WASH workout, but it was a good effort. I am about 60% healthy. When I am 100% (I hope soon...) watch out!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Washington 2012 prep workouts. Mt Orient, aka "upper ridge"

So, like a few years ago, I'm inspired to train year round for the next Mt Washington competition. My plan is to do a "Washington" workout each week for the whole year leading up to the race in June

So far, so good. Four weeks, four workouts. All were the same: a sprint up Mt. Orient.

Times below:
June 26th: 10:28
July 2nd: 9:45
July 9th: 9:43
July 16th: 9:14

I used to do this run all the time in my training for Wash. Here are some old times as comparison:

June 27th, 2009: 13:43
July 5th, 2009: 12:18
July 11th, 2009: 10:54
August 20th, 2009: 10:21
August 27th, 2009: 9:59
Sept 28th, 2009: 9:58
Oct 17th, 2009: 9:59
March 18th, 2010: 9:49
April 11th, 2010: 9:09 (RECORD)
Oct 30th, 2010: 11:15
Dec 18th, 2010: 10:23
April 23rd, 2011: 10:43
June 1st, 2011: 10:50

Related: my health right now is still an issue, but there has been much progress. I run 20-30 miles a week, Bike 50-100 and swim a few times.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mount Washington 2011

Ran Mt Washington this year. I had not been running much, 20-50 miles a week. It went okay, considering lack of shape: 1:13.26, 27th place. Good picture though...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Workout w/Andy

SouthWest 1000 meter repeats.

Basically, it is a 1000 meter repeat with a big steep uphill in the middle, finishing with a long slightly downhill straightaway. The beginning is all flat.

Besides some pick-ups here and there, I haven't been doing any hard workouts since the crash, so this was a stretch. I thought I'd do 3. Andy wanted to do five. I figured I'd stay with him a bit, then die.

Me: 2:59, 3:03, 3:02, 3:01
Andy: 2:59, 3:03, 3:01, 2:59, 2:56

Andy had a great workout. I ran way above what I thought my fitness level was. So that was good too.

Yip, yip.