Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 5/52, Town-LIne Hill Tempo: Pelham to Shutesbury

Very Sore from tough week.

Pelham town-line to Shutesbury town-line: 26:11, 4.25 miles
Overall run: 11.6 miles in 1:22:14
Ascent: 194-1060 feet.

Ran overall pretty slow. Also probably needed a better warm-up before the tempo, but I'll have more goes at it, so we'll see.

The Week 7/19-7/25: B253/R32/S2. Awesome week, including some of the toughest rides I've ever done...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Boy's Weekend: The blister!

PS: Each "Boy's Weekend" has left me injured.

2007: Andy ran me over with his boat. The propeller scarred and maimed my left leg. Jury is still out whether it was intentional or not.

2008: I pathetically pulled my hamstring attempting to wake board. The injury persists to this day.

2009: This year, results below. Not too bad considering the precedent. I would have run a faster tempo if the irritation on the back of my heel stopped. It just got worse.

Mount Washington Trainer 4/52, H Rd. Acton ME tempo

Went to Andy's summer house in Maine for third Annual "Boy's Weekend." Also in attendance Jon "Asleep on the boat" Korhonen, John "That wasn't my thumb" Jacobson, Joey "Tramp Stamp" Bakasya and Kyle "River Otter" Murphy.

Fun time had by all. On Saturday Andy and I did an out and back tempo - to the end of H Rd, 4.5 miles (hilly) and back 4.5 miles (still hilly).

It was my first real fast paced tempo since April.

Out (warm up): 35:57
Back (tempo): 27:47

The route with elevation:

Also did a 34 mile bike ride. Also hilly:

Overall down week - after three very tough weeks. The down week was not intended, but I crashed mid-week and thought it was about time for a rest.

7/12/2009 - 7/18/2009: B143/R32/S.5

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 3/52, Upper Ridge 3

Should be last Upper Ridge for awhile. Great overall week. Also, saw the Dr. Paul Farmer of foot-care, Dr Louis DeCaro, who explained all my foot woes, discovered they were not just connected to my foot but, in great sing-song fashion, that the "foot bone connected to my...." well, I have displaced hips too, which puts my stride on a further disadvantaged/unnatural level. The next day he got me in to see his physical therapist. After some adjustments (more to come in the future) I ran today and felt as good as I can remember. Which has something to do with the adjustments and also something to do with the fact that I'm getting in shape.

Salem to the top: 24:06
Base to top: 10:54
Overall run: 10 miles in 1:09:44

Also, I've resolved (since Washington) to work out at a minimum of 3 hours a day. "Work out" includes any combination of running, biking, swimming and focused stretching/lifting/core-work. While a few days this week I didn't reach the 3-hour goal, the days I did were 5+.

Website for Dr. DeCaro is below. Seriously, great guy. When I came in for my "gait clinic," not only did they film my stride on a treadmill, trace both my feet, do castings and multiple examinations with a team of specialists, but DeCaro himself had found an article in the New York Times that morning which he put in my file to be given to me when I came in. It was about a crazy runner. He was super pumped for me to read it.

The week 7/5 - 7/11: R33/B242/S1.8k

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 2/52, Upper Ridge 2

Second week of Washington training of 52 weeks. Did Upper Ridge again on the Holiday - the 4th, overall very sore from tough week.

Salem to the top: 25:41
Base to top: 12:18
Overall run: 10 miles, 1:13:16

I also biked to Pittsfield. It was mostly up-hill, 51 miles:

The week 6/28-7/4: R40/B237