Monday, July 20, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 4/52, H Rd. Acton ME tempo

Went to Andy's summer house in Maine for third Annual "Boy's Weekend." Also in attendance Jon "Asleep on the boat" Korhonen, John "That wasn't my thumb" Jacobson, Joey "Tramp Stamp" Bakasya and Kyle "River Otter" Murphy.

Fun time had by all. On Saturday Andy and I did an out and back tempo - to the end of H Rd, 4.5 miles (hilly) and back 4.5 miles (still hilly).

It was my first real fast paced tempo since April.

Out (warm up): 35:57
Back (tempo): 27:47

The route with elevation:

Also did a 34 mile bike ride. Also hilly:

Overall down week - after three very tough weeks. The down week was not intended, but I crashed mid-week and thought it was about time for a rest.

7/12/2009 - 7/18/2009: B143/R32/S.5

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