Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 10/52, Upper Ridge 5!

Killed it.

Start to top - 22:42
Base to top - NEW RECORD - 9:59
Overall run - 10 miles in 1:02:29

I needed to kill it as I did it on my... eh-hem "hour" long lunch break.

After work I did 8 miles.
3 mile warm-up
5*800 w/1 min rest in between reps
Afterwards I did a 2 mile cool down w/barefoot running, which I've been getting back into. These 800s hurt as the route has a some hills and the rest was short... also I'm out of shape, also the 10 miler earlier in the day.

Thus far with two days left in the week I'm at 85 miles on the bike, 56 running.
UPDATE: The week: 8/23 - 8/29: B115/R61. Could have run more, but didn't want to push-it too much. I'm still injured! Good week. Feel great.

The 800 route: (It looks good in hybrid mode)

Mount Washington Trainer 9/52 Upper Ridge AGAIN (#4)

Start to top - 22:56
Base to top - NEW RECORD - 10:21
Overall run - 1:07:18

This one hurt like hell. It was good.

The week: B195/R48

hardest running week in a long time - 3 10 mile+ days. Also, 80 mile bike ride in which I nearly passed out on. I did it with Jon and Andy. We averaged 20mph. I did some decent pulling.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 8/52, The Bobsled

Called the bobsled because you basically run up, then bobsled down for five miles. Really fun run. Also ran really slow this week: 1:18:35 for ten miles.

Overall Week: 8/9 - 8/15: B92/R39

Pretty easy, but I did two running workouts and one very tough bike ride. The BOF killed me the week before and I took awhile to get going.

Mount Washington Trainer 7/52, Bridge of Flowers 10k

First race in awhile. I give myself a C. All the biking did not pay off as I hoped it would.

The Week 8/2 - 8/8: 226B (5 days!)/40R

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 6/52, Roland Park Hill Repeats

Went to Center Ossipee NH to meet JB and family on vacation at Terrace "The Greatest Place in the World" Pines campground. An injury developed over the course of the week in which I felt I had either a punctured lung, cracked rib or some sort of inner muscle pull. It was probably the latter as I feel pretty much 100% right now, but at the time I couldn't do anything without a debilitating pain in my right side. It still hurt on Friday but seemed to be subsiding so I went out to keep the Mt Washington Training streak alive.

Ended up running a total of 12 miles with 3* Roland Park Rd Hill repeats. Felt awesome. I'm getting in shape.

1 Repeat = .75 miles, 270 foot ascent, average grade of 7.5%
Rest = jog down, (about 8 minutes).

Repeat 1 = 5:43
Repeat 2 = 5:22
Repeat 3 = 5:02

The week was pretty low overall, but I mostly blame the injury. Next week I've got The Bridge of Flowers Road Race. Still not doing much running, so the results should be interesting.

7/26 - 8/1: R32/B100