Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mount Washington Trainer 10/52, Upper Ridge 5!

Killed it.

Start to top - 22:42
Base to top - NEW RECORD - 9:59
Overall run - 10 miles in 1:02:29

I needed to kill it as I did it on my... eh-hem "hour" long lunch break.

After work I did 8 miles.
3 mile warm-up
5*800 w/1 min rest in between reps
Afterwards I did a 2 mile cool down w/barefoot running, which I've been getting back into. These 800s hurt as the route has a some hills and the rest was short... also I'm out of shape, also the 10 miler earlier in the day.

Thus far with two days left in the week I'm at 85 miles on the bike, 56 running.
UPDATE: The week: 8/23 - 8/29: B115/R61. Could have run more, but didn't want to push-it too much. I'm still injured! Good week. Feel great.

The 800 route: (It looks good in hybrid mode)

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