Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Week 9/20-9/26

101 miles!

Great week. Felt great everyday... when I didn't feel great, I just ran until I did.

SUNDAY: Lone Gull 13 miles, 32:55 10k

MONDAY: 18 miles (3 barefoot)

TUESDAY: 12 miles (easy)

WEDNESDAY: 21 miles WO: 4 miles tempo, (sub 6), 16*100 sprints barefoot on astro turf

THURSDAY: am, 7 miles, pm 9 miles (2 barefoot)

FRIDAY: 7 miles (easy)

SATURDAY 14 miles, (last two miles Sub 5:30)

Happy with the week for mileage and difficulty considering how busy I was... Travelled all week in Manhattan and the Bronx, then went to Amherst, then Bristol RI for a wedding, then back to Amherst and NY for this week. Phew! Mission accomplished, somehow.

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