Thursday, September 17, 2009

WASH 13/52, Bear Mountain, NY

Randomly went to Bear Mountain park in NY, (I'm on the road for my job, UMass Admissions) and ran up the mountain. I've been feeling sick all week, so didn't know how far I would make it, but after a few miles I felt okay and decided to do a warm-up up and then down the mountain and then run it again at tempo pace for the WASH workout. After 3 miles and still not reaching the top I realized this idea probably wouldn't workout. It was fine though, as I made sure the "warm-up" hurt a lot. Also, to top off the day I did repeat 600s barefoot on the fields of the park below after the run down.

Total run: 14 miles
Elevation: 1300 feet
Ascent: 1135 feet
Average Grade: 4.5%

Here's the route, not bad off a whim. Beautiful view at the top. I could see the city.

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