Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ollie Road Race and Josh Billings (WASH 12/52)

Back to back races this past week. - Ollie 5 mile Road Race (9/12) and the Josh Billings Run-a-Ground (9/13), a bike, canoe/kayak, 6-mile relay race. I ran the 6 mile leg. As did pal Andy, who also did the Ollie the day before.

Good overall week - 9/6 - 9/12: R83/B50/S1000 meters

I squeaked in a swim and even a track workout... in an attempt to copy Keenans Justin and Andy's week workout I did 8*400 with 200 rest followed by 8*200 with 200 rest. It was ugly, 70-72 for the 400s and 31-33 for the 200s. First speed in a LONG time. Also, I believe only a month ago I was having trouble running 30 miles a week. So overall, I was happy.

Results for Ollie below. Got 50th, which frankly, is pretty bad, but I felt great, just couldn't run any faster. Very strong, no speed is the conclusion. (Ollie was only 4.9 by the way).

The Josh results below. I felt strong again and a little faster than the day before. It's a very hilly course so I counted it as the prior week's WASH run, which basically meant that I had extra incentive to kill myself on the hills, which worked well. Our team got 6th overall, Andy's team was 5th. I had the 2nd fastest run time in 33:02, behind Andy's 32:32. Good day.

Finishing the Josh

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