Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It was a good month. Injuries are making progress, as is my running shape. Some March highlights and week totals:

2/28-3/6: 26 Run, 3 hard Spin sessions, 1 Swim, 1 Lift
On 2/28 I did the DH Jones 10 miler on almost no running in February. I ran 57:52. 5:47 pace. I was fresh, but felt awful and out of alignment, basically jogging in the last 3 miles. It was an ambitious, but dumb move.

3/5-3/11: Run 55, 1 Spin, Bike 12, 3 hard Swims, 1 Lift
Great overall week. Did 18 miles Saturday. 3 running workouts total (I was hurt, I think), and the swims were epic.

3/14-3/20: Run 50, Bike 50+ (3 rides), 1 Lift
Another good week. Ran the St. Patrick's Day 10k in Holyoke with 4,000 other people. Finished 17th. It was HOT! Ran relatively slow 5:36 pace, 34:48. Again, felt out of alignment. Not healthy. To punish myself for being slow, biked 30 miles after the race. It was a nice day.

3/21-3/27: Run 47, 1 Spin, 1 Bike, 1 Lift
Okay week. Feeling injured. Also was on the road in NYC for a few days which hurt my running. Highlight was Andy's Fast Friend's Road Race in Swanzey NH. 4.5 miles, tough course, I got 3rd behind Justin and Greg. It was a fun time and was happy with my 5:34 pace for a 24:59. I was more happy that I was able to run at all... it was a starting-line call.

3/28-4/3: Run 46 (5 days), 2 Spins, 43 Bike, 2 Swims, 1 Lift
Really awesome week. Mostly because by Saturday I finally felt improvement with my alignment/stride which I think has been helping my injuries (I hope!) Also, I did 2 WOs. 1 Mt Wash Town-line Tempo (24:41, PR) and one pyramid on the track 2,4,8,mile,8,4,2. I won't post times because they were SAD! But the point was I am working out more.

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