Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upper Ridge, April 4 - 10

Ran Upper Ridge this morning with good bud Jon Korhonen. He had fueled himself well with a night of debauchery in Amherst. I told him in the morning we would sprint up upper ridge/Mt Orient.

New Record: 9:09.

Killed the old record of 9:48. Jon pushed hard in the beginning and tried to catch me at the end, which helped. He's only been running 40 miles a week, but you don't run a 4:04 mile without having some natural ability. He finished in 9:19.

The Week of 4/4 - 4/10: Run 47, Bike 81, 3 Swims, 1 Lift
The week started great, ended sub-par as I took Saturday off. Did a NoHo hill climb/race with a bunch of other bikers. I beat some Cat 3 and maybe Cat 2 guys on the four mile climb to finish 3rd of 22 riders. I also had some great swims and one or two amazing runs. Injuries still hurt though... Cave Hill Classic 4 mile race on Saturday this week, followed by the Wrenthem duathlon the next day. I hope to win both.

UPDATE: After the 12 miler I biked 33 miles with workout partner/UMass rowing alum Gregg Murray. Then I felt like running again. Did 9 with a few half repeats/minute pick-ups. Ran into current UMasser Andrew McCann (30:04 10k guy). He's fast. He'll be entering the road race circuit next year...

Good day today.

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