Thursday, March 18, 2010

WASH Workout: Upper Ridge Again

Getting back into running and my old plan to do 52 "Mt. Washington Workouts" in the year before this summer's Mt. Wash race. My injury kind of derailed that idea... but maybe I'll start doing two a week to catch up. I'm not sure what number this one is... I'll figure it out later.

Very motivated today. Very fired up.

New Record, bottom to top of Mt Orient: 9:49.

I was happy because I'm not in as good shape as I was when I ran the previous record of 9:58, but I was determined to hurt. I just need to stay healthy and I feel nothing will stop me... haha.

Not running the New Bedford half this weekend - GOOD LUCK CMS! I wanted to, but 1) I don't think I can help the team anyhow, 2) a half not completely healthy may not be a smart idea and 3) I have to travel to NYC for work anyway! I had completely forgot... I would have been in deep doo-doo if I did the race and missed a National College Fair - Doh!

Instead I am going to run the St. Patrick's Day 10k on Saturday in Holyoke. Wish me luck and health.


  1. Thanks Matt, your a faithful reader... haha

  2. Good luck in Holyoke. Stay healthy.

  3. haha, Thanks Kevin, I imagine you're doing the half. Rip it up!