Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Healthy

My last post in October said "Knot in my shin, but it's not too serious." Well, I'm an idiot.

Since then I've been on and off injured with a few sparse weeks of okay running. The shin injury was some serious inflammation. Back in October I got lost in the deep woods of Harriman State park. The run was memorable for the accidental ridiculous length (25+), the injury it caused and also that I could have been kaput if I did not get out of the woods before dark. It was raining and cold. I found the road (albeit on the other side of the park) with probably 15 minutes of sparse daylight left. Fun, fun.

Anyway, the shin injury (and a foot injury that has kept me from consistently training for the past few years) apparently all stray from an old displaced hip that has healed incorrectly, thus messing with my stride and leaving one leg (the right) injury prone.

I've been fixing the hip. I've also been experimenting with barefoot toe running.

I've also been training pretty consistently considering the circumstances. Biking, swimming... the normal stuff.

Today I was able to run 18 miles in two runs.

This week I ran 56 total with 3 swims, 2 bikes, a lift and lots of PT.

Here's to getting healthy and staying healthy.

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