Friday, January 16, 2009

Apology # 1

Notice the "#1." That means that after most posts (if not all) I will probably feel the need to apologize.

This one is for saying that The CMS Racing Team "doesn't really care who shows up to race," etc, etc.

Now that is not exactly true. We do care. We'd rather have more than less, certainly. But perhaps the one condition to be on our team, unspoken, albeit - (and all the better for it!) - is that we all love running. Which. We. Do. So we are all obviously going to attend every race we can.

It's great to be on a team with a bunch of guys who just love running. That's why we are here. And that, I suppose, is another reason for this blog. Something to do with the love of running.

It's kind of metaphorical.

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